Community Rules and Guidelines

These are the rules for being a member of the community and playing on the server. You are expected to keep them in mind as you play on the server as any violation may result in punishment.

  • Be respectful to others. Do not harass, discriminate, make offensive builds, or make distasteful jokes.

  • If a player or staff member asks you to stop doing something do as they say.

  • Stealing and griefing is prohibited. Any found will result in immediate punishment.

  • No cheats are permitted on the server. This includes, but is not limited to, x-ray, PvP cheats, AutoMine/Walk.

  • Do not spam, advertise other servers, or demand items, staff positions etc.

  • When killing players you are required to give their gear back UNLESS there is a war declared against their team. A player not on a team cannot be part of a war.

  • Disconnecting/teleporting away/afking during combat is prohibited and doing so will result in your inventory being confiscated and possible jail time.

Punishments are determined based on the severity of the offense which will be judged by the relevant staff at the time. This can include a mute, kick, temp ban, ban, or complete removal from the community. To submit a ban appeal, visit the #ban-appeals text channel on the WOB discord.

Server Information

Minecraft version 1.18.2

Server IP: play.wobmc.xyz

Plugins: PlayerHeads, Vault, LuckPerms, WorldEdit, Essentials, VaultChatFormatter, Parkour, EssentialsSpawn, WorldGuard, CoreProtect, BetterTeams, Harbor, DiscordSRV, LWC, ChestShop





Head Admin


Head Moderator







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